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Does the thought of having to stand in front of a group of people and talk send chills up your spine?  Do you shudder at the idea of having to give a speech or a business presentation?  Itís alright Ė youíre not alone.  Itís true that people are afraid of public speaking almost as much as they fear death. 

However, the ability to give oral presentation or speeches can significantly enhance your career as well as your standing in the community or in groups.  Maybe youíre not really afraid so much as unsure how to proceed once youíve been asked to give a speech. 

Iíve Got The Answers You Need!

Both of the above situations can be stressful on a person, but they donít have to be.  There actually are some simple steps can help you both plan and deliver an amazing speech no matter how little experience or how much fear you have.

Everyone has a defining moment in their lives.  Those defining moments can live in our memories for years and years.  Often becoming a great speaker Ė even if itís only sporadically Ė can be one of those defining moments.  Thatís why Iím sure this is one of the most important letters youíll ever read!

When you think of extraordinary communication, public speaking, or charisma, what comes to your mind?  Who comes to your mind?  Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a person great, but a great speaker will always stand out in memory.

You Can Be The Next Memorable Speaker!

What exactly is public speaking?  Could it be that it is something much different than most people think it is?  How important is it for you to improve your skills?  Actually, itís very important.  It doesnít matter if you need public speaking skills in your education or in your line of work, learning what works and what doesnít can be invaluable in the long run. 

Think of the famous people you know of who are renowned for their public speaking skills:

  • Winston Churchill

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Martin Luther King

  • Numerous Presidents

  • Anthony Robbins

  • Zig Ziglar

Believe it or not, all of these people started out as just regular people like you and me.  What they did, however, is take something they were passionate about and channeled that passion into their speeches.  How did they do it?  They practiced their delivery and took the advice of people in the know.

Some people are just natural-born speakers and have charisma from the day they were born.  Others just arenít gifted with that natural ability.  Thatís alright, though.  Even if you have no idea how to start with a speech or a presentation, the answers are out there.

Thatís why Iím writing this letter.  Because Iíve found the answer to YOUR public speaking dilemma.  Iíve found this incredible book called, ďText To Speech:  Captivating Speeches Made EasyĒ.  This book contains so much wonderful information that can help even the novice speaker write and deliver amazing speeches that will leave the audience yearning for more!

You Need This Information Ė Even In Everyday Life

Itís a fact that when you can establish a rapport with people you are talking to, they will like you better and respond to what you have to say in a more positive way.  People in all professions can benefit from knowing how to speak and what to say.

Salespeople will make more sales, teachers will make better impressions, executives will command more respect.  The list can go on and on.

Thereís all kinds of information and advice that you can find on the subject of public speaking.  You can draw assistance and coaching from a number of sources.  In fact, there are so many places that offer advice, it can get confusing.  Thatís why this book was written. 

You Get Expert Advice From Hundreds of
Sources In Just One Place Ė This Book!

ďText To Speech:  Captivating Speeches Made EasyĒ is a comprehensive guide to writing and giving great speeches.  There actually are some secrets to composing and delivering amazing speeches.  Do you know:

  • How to use hand gestures to make your point

  • Where and when to move on the stage

  • How to know what your audience expects of you

  • The way to use body language to your advantage

  • Effective ways to use your voice to appeal to your audience

All of this information is in this great book Ė and so much more!  It will also give you:

  • 12 tips to overcome your fear of public speaking

  • 8 ways to use eye contact effectively

  • 24 ways to write a speech that will captivate your audience

  • 14 tips on using humor when speaking

  • And more!

ďText To Speech:  Captivating Speeches Made EasyĒ is really an all-encompassing book for the novice as well as those with some experience already under their belt.  Even if you think you know exactly what youíre doing when it comes to speaking before an audience, you can always use a few pointers to make your speeches just a little bit better.  

I have been giving speeches for years and was amazed at what I learned once I read this book.  There are some pointers in here that never even occurred to me before.  It just proves that you can never know too much!

Why am I sharing this with you?  I loved this book so much, I didnít want to keep it to myself.  I decided that if I could learn something, YOU could too!  So I obtained the rights for the book and am now able to offer it to you exclusively today!

Public speakers can earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars, for just one appearance.  Even if you donít want to ďgo proĒ, this book is for you.  Whatís the best part of ďText To Speech:  Captivating Speeches Made EasyĒ? 

The Low, Low Price!

I could easily have charged a lot of money for the amount of advice and information in this book, but I didnít want to do that.  Iím an everyday Joe just like you, and I wouldnít want to pay a bunch of my hard-earned money for a book Iíd never even gotten a chance to get my hands on.

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So hereís the deal.  When you order ďText To Speech:  Captivating Speeches Made EasyĒ, youíll only pay US $ 11.00 through my secure checkout.  But Iím not stopping there.  I can understand how you might be apprehensive, so the other part of the deal is that I guarantee the book will be well worth your money.

Yes, I Guarantee It!

I know that sometimes itís difficult to trust in someoneís word, but my guarantee is iron-clad!  Thatís how much I believe in this book!  Once you order ďText To Speech:  Captivating Speeches Made EasyĒ, the book will be delivered directly to your e-mail box.  Read it and youíll see that itís a very valuable tool for you to have.


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The time has come for you to become the next great speaker.  Itís easy, as long as you have this book!  Order today and see for yourself!

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