Pradeep Aggarwal

Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association.

Certified NLP Trainer, and Head of Institute of Mind Control & Development.

Consultant & Trainer for Atheletes, Sports Person & Organisation.

Conducting LIFE CHANGING Workshop for over 35 Years in India & Abroad.

More than 95,000 Thousand People have attended his workshop and reported incredibly changes in their lives.


For Learning Psychic Powers through Audio CDs
(22 CDs and 2 Bonus Books)

How to Master Self Hypnosis (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Contains the fundamental initiation to self hypnosis. The music and the voice of Pradeep Agarwal guide you to a very deep state of relaxation and program your subconscious mind to enable you to enter the wonderful state of self hypnosis. The technique used is called "Progressive Relaxation". The CD also programs you to enter this state instantly at any time you want. Side B of this CD contains "Visualization Induction", technique that is very helpful to enter self hypnosis.

Past Life Regression (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Have you ever lived before? If so, where? And when? Who were you? Man or woman? Pradeep Aggarwal has guided thousands into vivid memories of their past lives and thereby gained and understanding of their present lives. The CD contains the same techniques he uses in his workshops.

Astral Projection (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

This CD enables you to experience what is commonly called an "Out-Of-Body" experience. You are guided to project yourself out of your body, visit place and observe what's going on at different locations. Later you return to your physical body safely. A very powerful exercise to develop the intuitive capabilities of the mind.

Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Power (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Each of us possesses some degree of ESP. True, some have developed into a higher degree than others. Yet, we know from personal experience that you can develop it far beyond your present capability. In doing so, you will enrich your life greatly. This CD has a series of exercises which help you to rapidly develop your psychic powers.

Aura Reading (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

This CD teaches you to see and read your auras, and of those around you. It will teach you to work on the energy fields around your body to increase your ability to hold and attract abundance.

Psychometry (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Psychometry telepathy is a technique to receive psychic information by holding and object, usually an object owned by another person. In doing so your read the "Etheric Emanations of the owner", and their psychometric vibrations which have impregnated the object. By holding the object, you perceive thought your sympathetic nervous system; and your brain amplifies and interprets the signals into information you can understand. Physchometry allows you to read the past and present but not the future events which have yet to be impregnated.

Telepathy (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

You can send and receive telepathic messages to communicate with your loved ones, with friends, colleagues and business associates. You will learn to identify energy you have taken on, release it, change negative energy into positive, and much more. This CD shows you to use your powers of telepathy to your maximum benefit.

Clairvoyance (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Clairvoyancy is seeing or sensing energies that are beyond the range of your normal vision and senses. Developing clairvoyancy gives you powerful whys to consciously affect your and others 'realities. You would greatly expand all your faculties, senses and capabilities as you open your clairvoyant sight, begin to sense and see auras and experience the energy states necessary to begin seeing clairvoyantly.

Chakra Balancing and Energizing (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

By balancing and harmonizing the energies of your chakras, you unleash incredible consmic and psychic powers - powers that can benefit all humankind. This CD teaches you how to balance each of your serve chakras, one by one. By the time you would have learnt to balance the seventh chakra (the head or crown chakra) you would be fully equipped with all the powers of your hidden talents.

Miracle Manifestation in 7 Days (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

This CD consists of affirmations that lead you to manifest a miracle in seven days. You become open to a miracle, whether big or small, will change your life in a positive way. Miracles are yours for the asking, so ask and you shall receive!

Automatic Writing (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

You can experience this powerful process on your own. You will go into a meditative trance, sitting up with a pen in your had and paper in your lap. By this process you can contact the deceased relatives of those who are asking for answers.

Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Powers Home-Study LIVE AUDIO Program by Pradeep Aggarwal (11cds - 90 minutes with Manual)

Understanding the difference between what your conscious mind does and the hidden powers of your subconscious mind, chakra energizing and balancing, going into trance in one to five minutes or less, projecting your thoughts to someone else, receiving someone else's thoughts, negative spirit releasement, past life regression, healing circle, creating a psychic shield, going in a trance and finding out what physical problems someone else has, even if they are not present and you have never
met them. Then knowing what they must do to improve their health, remote viewing when in trance, project yourself to someone's home and then describe it, psychometry, how to get messages and answers to your questions from your higher spiritual self, how to use pendulum to get answers from your subconscious mind, spoon bending.

This program consists of Six, 90 minutes audio tapes and handouts so that you can easily practice and master these simple,
yet amazingly powerful techniques.

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