Pradeep Aggarwal

Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association.

Certified NLP Trainer, and Head of Institute of Mind Control & Development.

Consultant & Trainer for Atheletes, Sports Person & Organisation.

Conducting LIFE CHANGING Workshop for over 35 Years in India & Abroad.

More than 95,000 Thousand People have attended his workshop and reported incredibly changes in their lives.

Hypnosis For Self Improvement

A wonderful audio program to enhance your healing processes by using the power of hypnosis After successfully conducting programs on hypnosisi all over India, there were a lot of queries from hypnosis practitioners to present an audio version of this program.


Keeping this in mind, institute of mind control and development brings to you audio program in 15 Audio files and 3 Bonuses. This Program consists of nine (90 minutes) audio cds and workshop manuals so that can easily practice and master these simple, yet amazingly powerful techniques.


Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Progressive & Instant Relaxation
  • Peaceful Imagery
  • Goal Achievement Through Hypnosis
  • Pathway to the Goal
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Astral Projection
  • Miracle Manifestation
  • Hypnotic Anesthesia
  • Developing a Rapport
  • Hypnotizing Others
  • Acceleration of Learning
  • Learning New Skills Faster
  • Calling the Inner Guides
  • Self Exploring Healing
  • Locking up


Learn How to Hypnotize Others
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Free Bonuses

1. Past Life Regression

Have you ever lived before? If so, where? And when? Who were you? Man or woman? Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal has guided thousands into vivid memories of their past lives and thereby gain and understanding of their present lives. The CD contains the same techniques he uses in his workshops.

2. Rapidly Develop Your Psychic Power

Each of us possesses some degree of ESP. True, some have developed into a higher degree than others. Yet, we know from personal experience that you can develop it far beyond your present capability. In doing so, you will enrich your life greatly. This CD has a series of exercises which help you to rapidly develop your psychic powers.


Normal Price:US $ 150.00
Special Introductary Indian Price :US $ 50.00

Valid Till 30th June 2018