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Pradeep Aggarwal

Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association.

Certified NLP Trainer, and Head of Institute of Mind Control & Development.

Consultant & Trainer for Atheletes, Sports Person & Organisation.

Conducting LIFE CHANGING Workshop for over 35 Years in India & Abroad.

More than 95,000 Thousand People have attended his workshop and reported incredibly changes in their lives.


How to Master Self Hypnosis (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Contains the fundamental initiation to self hypnosis. The music and the voice of Pradeep Agarwal guide you to a very deep state of relaxation and program your subconscious mind to enable you to enter the wonderful state of self hypnosis. The technique used is called "Progressive Relaxation". The CD also programs you to enter this state instantly at any time you want. Side B of this CD contains "Visualization Induction", technique that is very helpful to enter self hypnosis.

Attain success & Confidence (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Success, be it in any field, needs confidence as it is necessary backbone. This CD develops your confidence to a supercharged state so that success becomes your second nature. So get set on your way to be super confident!

Organized & Disciplined Life (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Discipline in reality has two angles to it : Internal and External. External discipline can be easily achieved through conscious effort, but how do you achieve internal discipline? How to control negative, harmful and wrongful thoughts from coming into your mind. This program can be of great assistance. The affirmations are designed to empty your mind of the negativity and refill it with a positive frame, so that you can give your life that extra edge of discipline and organization.

Time Management (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

When the CEO's of over 250 blue-chip American companies were asked about the most important part of their decision making process, an over whelming 93% replied "Managing time effectively." Why is it that some people can perform all their duties within the time of their disposal, while others scramble to survive. This CD programs your subconscious mind to manage your time effectively, so that you don't have to pace against this limited resource to survive in this competitive world.

Improve Memory (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

The human brain consists of billions of nerve cells or "neurons" which are capable of storing each and every happening of one's life. Every bit knowledge that one accrues through any of the sensory organs, gets recorded in the brain. This capacity of the brain is called memory. In real life, due to inadequate usage, the brain often fails to promptly recall and clearly reproduce the knowledge that we ask for. The failure of the brain to send out an immediate response does not prove the lack of potential or the failure of one's memory. This just signifies that the capacity of the brain has not yet been honed to perfection or utilized properly and scientifically. This CD, especially developed for students, enables you to improve your memory, and with repeated listening develop a cosmic photographic memory.

Increase Focus & Concentration (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Concentration is one pointed thought. Good concentration is like a laser beam of powerful directive energy converging on a small region. On the other had, if that same powerful energy is fragmented over many different activities or thoughts at the same time, the energy is dispersed and nothing or real substance can be achieved. This CD enable you to reverse this unproductive behavior and achieve maximum success through intense laser concentration.

Ultrahigh Speed Reading (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

All speed reading techniques are based on one fact. Our brains can hear only 250 words per minute, but our brains can see upto 2000 words per minute. This CD will literally enable you to "see" through pages of text, and absorb everything that you read. A very powerful CD to increase the reading speed and concentration of anything including newspapers, magazines, reports, books etc.

Success in Examinations (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

How do you react to the thought of sitting in an exam. Do you approach and examination as a challenge or as a problem, as an opportunity to embrace or one to get rid off. This CD is designed to instill a positive sense of anticipation towards examinations, so that you tackle them with confidence and poise, rather than fear and helplessness.

Creative Visualization (E-Book) by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal

A powerful program to get everything you want. You will simply be unstoppable in making your dreams come true. And you can literally change your destiny like Getting a promotion, Reducing Tension/Stress, Possessing good health, Loosing weight, Attracting Love, Enriching Relationships, Mastering Emotions or improving Self-image through the POWER OF CREATIVE VISUALIZATIONS a process through which you create powerful, mental powers, mental pictures that carries you gradually towards you goal.

Hypnosis was used many years ago to cure people from illnesses, to stop smoking, for breaking particular bad habits and for building confidence levels. By imagining our lives to be different that what it actually is can help make changes, which may be difficult otherwise. For Hypnosis to succeed the subject should be willing to get hypnotized by the practitioner and must have faith in it otherwise we cannot get the desired results.

All forms of Hypnosis are self-hypnosis. If you learn the basics, your very first effort of Self Hypnosis will make a difference to your life. However, the most important step to Hypnosis is research, learning and improving the techniques you follow. Learning about the subject from the Internet, what you can expect from it. Without any knowledge about the subject it is unlikely that you master the art of Self Hypnosis.

The fir step when you are beginning is to find a suitable place, which is calm and quiet. You need not lie down as you may fall asleep and that is not hypnosis. You should recite or chant a mantra or certain personal words or sayings, which you keep on repeating. This would help your mind to concentrate. You will feel your brain relaxing, as you will be thinking only of those words, which you will be saying.

After you have finished you can tell yourself that you have reached a beautiful state of relaxation of the mind and body. You start counting one to five to get yourself out of the state of Hypnosis. You would feel fresh and relaxed after you have finished the final count. As you practice it, you can discover which method works best for you.

You can practice Self-Hypnosis and improvise on it, learn more about it from the Internet, which has a vast resource for this subject. However it may be difficult doing it without any guidance on your own.

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