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Imitation is a Powerful Force for Hypnosis

By: Pradeep Aggarwal

We know that human social conduct is reinforced through emulation. Your senses feed your habits. The input to habit comes from sensory perception. Our thoughts and actions respond to:

What we see
What we smell
What we hear
What we taste
What we touch
The human mind works like a computer, absorbing information through the senses. Reactions are fed back to the muscles, nerves and reflexes.
As a child grows, he learns that certain words evoke specific responses. Throughout the rest of his / her life, each word he hears, each sight he sees, every event his senses absorb elicits images and reactions. This response is called output.
Your mind is constantly concerned with input and output.
For example, the word "animal" brings to mind a positive or negative image, depending upon previously acquired impressions. To a child once frightened by an angry dog, it would present memory of a playful pet.
Reflexes are trained to behave in a ritualized pattern by the process of image-recall. Our brain is constantly flashing images for our consideration. Not only old images, but those we pick up from our immediate environment. This is why it's important to develop the ability to sort out the wanted from the unwanted impressions / habits.
 The most encouraging characteristic of a habit pattern is that the repetitive activity can be interrupted when the min is turned to other interests. Hypnosis causes a break in the continuity of a habit, thereby acting as a wedge to weaken its hold on the mind. This is the key that can help change a harmful habit into a helpful one.
Hypnosis doesn't just take away your habits. Rather, it is a tested method for exchanging bad habits for good ones. It trains you how to maintain a relaxed body and tranquil mind, prerequisites for a strong and attractive personality.